What 2017 taught me…

What 2017 taught me:

  • Be careful what you post on social media!
  • Some people don’t read the post and go with the pic- which resulted in way too many people assuming I was pregnant! Which I am NOT!
  • I am normal- if there is even such a thing?!I remember not being emotional when my first born started school… and I wondered whether that was normal as I witnessed floods of tears from all those around me – well, turns out sending my second son to Grade one this year resulted in enough tears for the both of them. Normal? I guess you could call it that! But for 2018, I am creating my own normal!!


  • Time passes really fast! (Or am I slowing down?)
  • And this one is kind of universal! Everyone can relate to this – celebrate everyone and everything in your life. Stop saving things for a special occasion. The Queen ain’t coming to your house anytime soon so use the fancy stuff! On a similar note anytime is tea and cake time.
  • I am a human being – created to adapt to change – hence I should not fear it. ( I am still learning this one)People close to me moved away, some – just to another part of town, some- a few hours  away and some- across the country- and it was hard and it hurt- and then after some time – I was ok.



  • Soul Food!
  • Spend more time exploring your creative side.
  • Whip out those paint/mosaics/sewing/beading/craft kits and do more of it- it is cheap therapy. Make more time for things that bring you joy- reading, yoga whatever… just do it MORE.


    My first mosaic table made with @art.by.riz 


    I challenged myself and taught an age group that absolutely terrified me- but I did it. Do things that scare you… push yourself… and remember learning never ends! Re-create yourself…constantly!




  • Energy is all around and within us. Be aware of it!
  • There are many things within myself that nature, fresh air, and good company healed. Be more selective in what or who you choose to surround yourself with. Berry picking in Magoebaskloof, sitting in the garden, warming up in the winter sun on the stoep, and breakfasts with friends admiring baobabs, mountains and rivers… have healed me from inside out.

Pancake breakfasts here with my framily ❤


  • Salaah//dua/zikr/ taqwa daily! (Prayer, meditation, and God consciousness)


  • Make time for your well-being, your health and for others… Especially those you care about- who knows what the future holds. Learnt this one in hospital hallways, waiting rooms and fundraisers for some incredible people close to my heart!


  • Love and kindness.
  • Seriously – just let go of the BS and treat everyone with kindness because that’s who YOU ARE- . Love everyone up- we all need it!!
  • Family – Framily –
  • Some are chosen for you, some you get to choose. Choose wisely. Cherish both!


  • I don’t have a person. I have a tribe.
  • They are my surprise party people, my late night calls, my daily whatsapps, my “I’ll bring over food for a whole week while you have tick bite fever” people. My farishtas (angels). Some I see often- some not for months. But I know they are there. Always. Find your person. Grow your tribe.


  • Be who you are, not who they expect you to be!Be fluid- Change. Break the stereotype. Rise. Be a head-scarf-wearing badass. The only limitations are those placed on ourselves.


IMG_20171011_215457_343 (1)
Yoga in the Kruger National Park


  • Almighty is the best of plannersThings will happen that you aren’t ready for … but guess what… its happening regardless. I am still learning to go with the ultimate flow.



  • Your days will be what you make of it- fill it with JOY –
  • With people who make you happy, and build you…don’t waste energy on those who drag you down. This is YOUR life.
  • Gratitude! First and always.
  • There is always ALWAYS something to be grateful for!

Fruit in Mina

  • And then there was Hajj
  •  When I learnt that a smile and kind gesture transcends all barriers- when hugs from strangers eased my heart. When I felt so connected to divine energy and love and I realised how close my Allah (God) is to me. When I stood and counted my blessings and felt overwhelmed at how fortunate I am.

  • Share your blessings-We all have so much to offer. Open your heart. Open your home. Share the joy and it will be multiplied.



  • Less stuff – more fluff.
  • We don’t need more things- we need more love and compassion. We need to see into souls and realise that we are all in this together… so let’s try to get along.

2017 turned out to be more amazing than I could have hoped for… I am excited to see what adventures 2018 holds. I hope when you reflect on this year… your heart lights up, pounds with joy and overflows in happiness. May 2018 bring you all you hope for.







4 thoughts on “What 2017 taught me…

  1. I love all your points, especially the one about adapting to change. I’ve been so fearful about change last year. And yes, a village (a tribe) is everything. Happy New Year, May you have a sweet one.

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