Wife After Baby. A Husband’s Guide.

An awesome (yet truthful) post! I’m sure u will love it as much as me 🙂

Sleep deprivation is only a small part to your wife’s temporary insanity.  In the first few months, you may witness a number of breakdowns, meltdowns and shut downs and realistically, the woman you knew may disappear and be replaced with a shuffling husk of a human female for around twelve months. Sometimes less.  Sometimes more.  She may also definitely will be suffering from decision fatigue, which will cause her to stare at you like a lobotomised corpse as she processes whether she actually does want another cup of tea.

My husband reckons I flashed a knife at him during a particular meltdown.  I can’t remember this and in my defence I was probably just chopping some veg and just so happened to gesticulate the knife in his general direction whilst making a very important point.  My husband and I are still together and thankfully he hasn’t got any major scarring.  However, I thought…

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