The cursed craze….

Boy do I hate stickeez.

I read a blog post by another annoyed mother when the craze started and decided there and then that I would not give in to Pnp’s cheap cheese!

I saw the ads in tv and thought to myself “Ah I’m not going to be roped into that bullsh*t” … and for the most part I held it together.

I explained to the kids that the stickeez were junk, and they did not actually ‘need’ them regardless of what their friends had told them. I anticipated the children going crazy about them, so I had all my explanations ready as well as the fact that they were a choking hazard for my 8 month old baby girl.

What really surprised me though, what I didn’t see coming at all, were the adults obsessions with them.
Somehow, over the last few weeks, I’m sure the topic of stickeez have cropped up in almost every gathering I found myself at.

Ofcourse I moaned and groaned along with the rest regarding what an absolute pain the whole thing was… but then… I realised there were adults who actually knew the stickeez by name… as well as how many more ‘their kids’ needed to complete the collection…. or how many complete collections they already had.. or how good their kids were at trading the pint-sized pains in the….

Really… now really… as a grown man or woman… if you are actually familiar with each one of the 24 pieces of plastic junk… I must say… I envy you! I wish I had that kind of time!

I mean, my life is bursting at the seams.. there barely seems enough of time to do the million and one things that race through my mind on a daily basis … I can’t possibly imagine learning and becoming just as consumed as or even more than the little ones, with the 9 cent pieces of plastic.

Needless to say… my boys are part of an exclusive group, the exclusively deprived few… the ones whose mum’s refused to shop at pnp so they were donated stickeez by family members and school friends.. out of pity…

I keep hoping the fad will end…

I realise am losing the battle against the 24 strong army of stickeez… it was a sad moment, a very sad one indeed, when I found myself doing the grocery shopping at pnp!

Boy do I hate stickeez!


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