In case you were wondering…


Guess who’s back…back again…Bibi’s back…tell a friend…guess who’s back guess who’s back guess who’s back….. (yes that’s in reference to an Eminem song- 😉 old school)

Soo…. I’m sure some of you may have wondered where I’d disappeared to- and I apologise for not updating the blog often enough recently.  Life took hold off me in ways I had not anticipated and unfortunately the blog had to take a back seat for a while.

In between juggling a teaching career and being a mother, I conceived – surprisingly quickly actually! It seemed my reproductive system was on my side for once (or err…thrice 😉 ) and I was blessed with a healthy albeit tiring pregnancy.  Early on Tuesday morning (8-26am) the 6 January 2015, we welcomed our beautiful (and much anticipated) baby girl!!


She was born healthy and normal much to the delight of my boys, their dad and I (who are still revelling in the glow of this newfound love). She was delivered via C-section and is the biggest of my babies weighing 3.1 kg.

After many months of name ‘deliberation’ (which is a whole other post) we agreed upon a name on the Sunday before her birth- Zayyana (meaning beautiful and radiant).  Both baby and I are doing well with the help and support of friends and family we have around us.

I am looking forward to blogging again, although I know it may take a while to adjust to the new dynamic in our home.  I am happy to be on this adventure once again-I expect it to be quite different with a daughter, and look forward to sharing my experiences with you.

For now, I’m going to try to ‘enjoy’ the newborn nights and days (breastfeed, cry, burp, cry, sleep, cry, diaper-change, cry, wait until mum is in the shower, cry, repeat- comon now- you can do it!!- pep talk to myself)

My favourite part though is the gorgeous smell of a newborn baby- ah yes… I (reluctantly) admit it…I am in love.

Wish me luck

Will blog soon.

Lotsa love


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