Chicken or fish?

Much to the happiness of mothers in SA and all over the globe schools are reopening! Who would have thought we’d so happily welcome the taxi driving, lunch-making and homework routine (I don’t do homework yet- woohoo). We have successfully survived the December holidays with slightly heavier waist lines and a little less sanity than we started out with…nevertheless- We have survived!

December is a time where most families get together and bond with each other. We definitely did a fair amount of that this time around with a constant flow of family and friends throughout December and January. It truly was a wonderful time 🙂

During the December holidays our extended family made a fishing trip to a nearby dam, (more for the family interaction than the actual fishing). My children have been fishing with my dad before but didn’t really take to touching the worms…I know right?! What kind of farm boys are they?! My 9 year old niece handles worms with way more enthusiasm…and she’s a thorough bred city slicker?!

In any case I was very pleased when my then 3 yr old took an initiative in holding the rod and actually caught a fish! The only problem was I don’t think he fully understood the concept of fishing – meaning you actually CATCH a fish! As he reeled the fish to the surface (with my dad’s help) and noticed something jumping in the water on the other end, he dropped the rod instantly and ran for his life- Leaving my dad to deal with the fish. He also was very reluctant in posing for any pictures with his first catch, while it flopped from side to side much to his horror.

fishing scared

During our most recent fishing trip my oldest son who’s now 5 watched as people placed the worms on the hooks looking slightly offended. His dad offered some help and this is the conversation that took place.
Dad: What’s wrong Isa?
Isa: Daddy, doesn’t the worm get hurt when you put it on the hook?
Dad: No don’t worry the worm can’t feel any pain.
Isa: Then what happens when you put it on the hook? Doesn’t he die?
Dad: No Isa, when I put it on the hook he just goes to sleep, and then he goes to Jannah (heaven). Look, look he’s ok…
Isa: (stands and squints at the worm hanging off the hook and says quietly) He doesn’t look very ok…

There were some giggles from the back; they obviously didn’t know we were listening.

Last night we had fish for supper. Isa asked,” Isn’t it a bit cruel that we kill the fish and then eat it?” His dad smiled and replied, “Would it be better if we ate it alive?” Isa replied that penguins do that. His father laughed and said, “So do you want us to bring you a bowl of fish and you can pick the fish out from there and eat it?” He did say no…. but it has occurred to us that we have a possible vegetarian and PETA member in our family;) I think he gets it from my younger ‘tree-hugging’ sister 😀

My 3 yr old however loves his meat…the problem is that he believes all meat is chicken. I made the mistake of telling him at the family braai that the chops he was eating was a different kind of chicken…I told him that this chicken was special, that it came from a cow. The next day he happily reported back to me that he understood what I had said, that chicken comes from cows! (Yes, not really my proudest moment). He also believes that his skin is chicken as well. While playing on my bed the other day, we heard him say, “Hey I can’t feel my chicken!!”, as he attempted to pull on the skin near his forehead! I have not corrected him though…I think it’s kind of cute:)

cow and chicken

I’ve had a wonderful start to the New Year…and can’t wait to see how it unfolds. Not to mention the fact that I have a whole new year full of writing material and experiences to look forward to, so happily and unknowingly provided by my not-so-little-anymore boys!
Happy New Year to all my readers! It’s up to you to make it a fantastic one;)

what you want is out there

Ps. I apologise for the long break in posting… I will be posting more often Insha Allah. We have bravely (or foolishly) decided to take a much needed vacation in the next week. But being the Indian parents we are… we have actually tricked some family members (and prospective parents) into joining us. They aren’t fully aware of the impending babysitting duties they will have to fulfil! Muahahahahaha *Evil Laugh* I feel it is my duty to let them have a sneak peak on what’s to come… that…. and maybe it has a little to do with the fact that we would like a breather from our own kids every now and then too. Yes I said it!! And you know you would do the same 😀