Coughs and Colds

About 2 years ago I decided to change my medicine cupboard. This came after using multiple bottles of OTC cough syrups and flu medications for my then 1year old and 3year old. After about 6 weeks I decided to see a local Homeopath and within 7-10days both boys no longer had those persistent coughs. It was then that I made the decision to change to natural alternatives. In the last 2years the boys have not had any pharmaceutical medicines to treat their colds/flu. With the mercy of the Almighty, my older son has only had 1 course of antibiotics in the last 3+ yrs and my youngest, (3 years old) has not had an antibiotic for approximately 2years now.
I do believe that sometimes, as in the case of bacterial infections and severe fevers, an antibiotic is a necessity- but I do try to avoid them at all costs. And most infections that children develop are usually viral. Once again this is simply my opinion, and each mum should do what she feels is best for her children, and follow the advice of your family doctor.

I am NOT a medical practitioner, and I always advocate that you see a doctor/natural health practitioner when it comes to your children’s well-being.
I have decided to compile a list of the products currently in my cupboard.

The following are natural alternatives that I have found to be effective:
• Immune Boosters- Prior to the cold season I start the boys on an immune booster- Viral choice or Crecheguard are both wonderful options. The idea is to check that whatever you use has a fair amount of Echinacea in it, to ward or colds and flu.

• Coughs- Pegasus Bronchial Relief eases tight chests, Tibb Chesteeze, Tibb Kofcare, Stodal (Boiron).

• Runny Nose- Pegasus Muco Drainol.

• Flu – Pegasus Colds and Flu, Oscillococcinum (yes it’s a mouthful) made by Boiron.

• Sinusitis – Coryzalia (Boiron)

These items are ALWAYS in my medicine cupboard, and I have been using them for the last 2 years now, and do find them effective.

I have been using Pegasus Homeopathic Remedies for 3 years and am extremely happy with the results I have had. Pegasus also makes something called Vira-bac which is a natural alternative to antibiotic. And their Blue Box contains all the essential Pegasus products you need in your home. Pegasus is found in all major pharmacies (Dischem/Pharmwell) and local pharmacies stock them as well. Prices are approximately R75 per bottle and lasts quite a long time- definitely worth it.

Another natural alternative to antibiotics is Tibb Septoguard.

My younger sister Fathima Osman, is currently completing her studies in Natural Medicine in Cape Town and recently introduced me to the “Himalaya” range of products. The throat lozenges have proven to be very effective as well as Koflet for coughs. She will do a guest article for me on Natural Medicine soon.

All the above mentioned medicines have a sweet taste and so kids shouldn’t have a problem taking them.
I also found that Natura and Homeoforce tissue salts help as well but need to be used over a prolonged period of time for increased effectiveness vs. the Homeopathic medicines mentioned above.

The last tip I have is to definitely invest in a Nebuliser and Humidifier. Nebulisers loosen phlegm in the chest and help to expel mucous, while humidifiers help with congestion.
I currently have Ultrasonic Nebulisers on special @R650.00. This is a must for every new mum. It is completely silent, versus regular noisy machines, (so it won’t wake your baba up and you can nebulise as they sleep). Drop me a mail and I can forward you the details

When I gave birth to my second lil boy, my older sister came to stay with me for the first 2 weeks or so. She brought along my gorgeous and unbelievably intelligent, 5yr old niece. One afternoon we found my niece and 2yr old first born innocently playing ‘Doctor Doctor’. No one really paid any attention to them until my sister noticed her daughter handing out medication. She had found her mums medicine bag, and was happily handing them out after asking my son ‘Do you have cramps? Take 2 of this…. Is your head paining? Oh, you need to take 3 of these…” and so on, obviously imitating her mother. And so, in typical ‘Mummy’ form, we began our interrogation, “What are you guys doing?? What’s that in your mouth??? Spit it out!! Spit it out!! Give that bag to me!! “Then I heard the following,” Oh, Oh …Ooohhh ok, you can carry on playing…but don’t give him too much ok”. Fortunately my sisters medicine bag comprised a range of tissue salts, and after our Mommy FBI Act, we enjoyed a good giggle.



6 thoughts on “Coughs and Colds

    • Hey naeems! Vaccines… hmmm… look both my boys received all vaccines except chickenpox. I feel it’s better for them to get chickenpox and get over it instead of vaccinate and having getting chickenpox as teens or adults.(still waiting for them to get it lol)

      I have recently read an article that confirmed the link between mmr vaccine and autism. However I would still advocate the use of vaccines. I think it’s best to do the research and then make an individual decision for ur baby… there’s no blanket rule and I am still unsure abt the autism theory myself… I’ll try and get more info and do an update 😉

  1. Thanks for this list! I’m also a fan of alternative medications and try to stay away from antibiotics as far as I can. I’ve been using the Sister Lillian homeopathic range for my one year old but I think I’ll stock up on Pegasus too.

    As for vaccines, Dr Sears has written “The Vaccine Book” which I found very interesting. He basically goes through an analysis of each vaccine and considers the following: the likelihood of a child contracting the disease, the effects/dangers of the disease if it is caught, the side effects of the vaccine, the ingredients of the vaccine and if there are any alternative makes which don’t carry the harmful ingredients. It’s quite helpful in assisting you to make an informed decision. The only problem is that he focuses on the American vaccine schedule so he doesn’t cover all the SA ones, though they do overlap somewhat.

    • Thanks fatima, I’m happy to be able to help. I also appreciate the Info regarding the book. I will definitely try and get hold of a copy for myself. Keep reading! Take care!

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