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So my youngest son is quite a chatterbox. He literally cannot stop talking and it has become progressively worse with the loss of his dummy. We recently introduced them to the sport of cricket, which my older son constantly calls tennis, while the younger one called it ‘chicken’. Lol .
And that got me thinking about the weird and wonderful things children say… often in public, much to the dismay of the parent present.

My 3 year old started talking fairly early and enthusiastically. The problem was that his vocabulary hadn’t quite caught up with his eagerness to talk.
On one particular morning, when he was about 2 years old, my dad and son were having breakfast together. I presented my son with his food, an egg, sunny side up. As I approached him with the knife and fork for him to use, he began saying quite loudly and excitedly ‘ F**K IT MUMMY!! F**K IT!’
I froze and mentally ran through the possibility that I had used the ‘eff’ word in his presence, and he had ( God forbid ) learnt this word from me. I could see my father (who has never used foul language in our presence) seated across from him also trying to decipher whether he had just witnessed his grandson swearing.

My son then pointed to the egg and said once again,” FORK IT MUMMY…..FORK IT” pointing to the egg. I quickly said to my (now grinning) father,” He’s not swearing Dad… he means poke the yolk, he’s not swearing! He just hasn’t learnt the word poke as yet.” Embaressed yet equally relieved!

We did have a good chuckle about it later… but there are definetly these moments in life when you wish the ground would open and swallow you up. Another mum related the incident of her child pointing at the man with no arm at Pick n Pay and shouted while showing her, “ Look mum he has no arm…look! Look!” …or when your sister is trying on suits for work and asks for an opinion, and your 4 year old says, “ You look like an old man”….
Yes, most mums can relate to this I’m sure- and if you can’t … your time is coming!!
***Evil Laugh***
Take care, and please feel free to share your funny stories as well

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Welcome :)

Firstly welcome to my blog:)

I’m Maryam Bibi, mummy of 2 energy sucking, but beautiful baby boys. Ok not sooo baby…. 5 and 3. (update :they are now almost 8 + 10- and we thew in a little girl about 3years ago just to spice things up 😁) 

This is my very first post and let me say first and foremost that this is not the ‘ooh-ahh-my-kids-are-amazing-I-love-motherhood’ kinda blog!

Don’t get me wrong! My kids ARE amazing and I do love them…and motherhood- (most of the time).

And yes I know some of you are sitting there reading this going *shock* ‘ How can she say this?!  Motherhood is such a gift’.  I don’t dispute that in the least.  Carrying a child inside of you and the miracle of birth are indescribably wonderful, life altering gifts.

But you also have to agree that Sleep…. is a wonderful gift too….and eating warm food…. or drinking your tea while its still hot, and private trips to the bathroom…all WONDERFUL gifts!

This is more of a playful, life’s not easy, did he just eat/do/touch that!? Kinda blog.

I hope to fill it with wonderful stories and experiences, both my own and those of others that would like to share them. And for the more serious side of it, I hope to share health tips, advice, hints, recipes  and create an area for us mummy’s to interact and share the precious ‘jewels’ that make us want to laugh and cry at the same time.

Thanks for checking in.

Stay tuned:)

New post coming soon.

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