To the moms who, like me, are anxious this Ramadan… IT’S OK!

Its OK!

It is OK if you’re feeling anxious about pregnancy/breastfeeding and fasting. No it doesn’t matter that others have done it. Listen to your body, your lord is merciful and has given you grace should you need it.

It’s OK if you just manage to pray your salaah and fall over in bed from exhaustion..caring for these little beings is an ibadaah too.

It’s OK if your fajr is late because you are cradling a crying baby who refuses to sleep… These moments will pass.

It’s OK if you don’t spend every night in additonal prayer because your baby refuses to sleep anywhere but your arms…try some zikr while he needs to be near you.

It’s OK if you are just getting by…

It’s OK If you don’t have Ramadaan decor up in your home, or you haven’t purchased new books to read to your children.. You will do what you can when you can.

It’s OK if you haven’t planned Ramadan activities and crafts. They will learner through you.

It’s OK if you’re just trying to get through the day…

Its OK if you haven’t prepared 10 different savouries or an Instagram-able iftar spread, you’re doing the best you can and your family have eaten.

It’s OK if you just get home from work and reheat leftovers from the day before because You didn’t have time to meal prep.

Its OK if you don’t send a fancy servings of various treats to the masjid. They will have enough.

It’s OK if your baby’s nap time is spent with you catching up on some sleep also… Because you’ve been up from sehri with your older kids needs and never got a chance to rest.

It’s OK if you cry because you lost your cool after fasting the whole day, tomorrow will be better.

It’s OK if others judge you, for fasting or not fasting, they are not in your shoes, the almighty is the ultimate judge.

From one mother to another… IT’S OK!!

Time to reclaim Ramadan moms… Make it work for you, no guilt, just reflection, appreciation, gratitude, patience, love kindness, self care, meditation, salaah and dua…May Allah swt accept all our efforts and see the intentions in our hearts as we care for the amanahs he has blessed us with ❤️



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10 reasons why you need an older sister

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I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by incredible women all my life, and most importantly my siblings who happen to be all girls. Being both an older and younger sister means I experience both sides of this relationship and have written this piece bearing that in mind.

 I have been thinking about how much I benefitted and still do benefit from having sisters, particularly older sisters.  So…In honour of my two older sisters’ birthdays I am giving you my:

Top 10 reasons why every girl needs an older sister… 

  1. Your older sister goes through everything in life first, so God basically handed you a “how to” guide when he made you a little sister.
  2. She teaches you to laugh at yourself by teasing you, so that as you grow other people’s mean-ness has no effect on you… by the same token she may be the reason for some of your insecurities lol… you know you will never be as cool as she is.
  3. She is your personal diary, if it wasn’t for her your therapist bills would be outrageous.
  4. You get the coolest stuff from her as a kid, and the coolest clothes from her as a teen, and you have the advantage of an extended wardrobe in adulthood.
  5. You have a private tutor available to you 24/7 for all your homework and assignments and you may even simply reuse her speeches and projects in some cases… and when you have kids, she will tutor them, craft and paint with them as well. 
  6. If you’re ever in trouble-regardless of the type (school, parents, university, work, family) she always has your back!
  7. She advises you not to do it, but still covers for you when you insist on doing dumb shit in your early adult years.
  8. She is a mother to your children and loves them like her own, she also scolds them like they are her own and spoils them like they are her own…there is no difference in her mind between your kids and hers. 
  9. She makes time for you regardless of her schedule, she knows when you’re not ok, she is your biggest supporter and cheerleader and will always be proud of you.
  10. You have a best friend for life.



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